Just a Kosher Pig on a spiritual exploration. Nothing to oink here.

My Story

When I was just a wee pig…

I was born into a nice Jewish family. I was a very good Jewish boy until one day, I started to wonderwhat else is out there?

Immediately, I went on a quest of spiritual exploration.

Slowly, I acquired some headwear, necklaces, and clothes from other religions I knew nothing about. Oh, and I didn’t stop there; I wanted to see what it felt like to try on different skins, too. I got some furry skins, some polka-dot skins, and my favorite, a tiger skin.

Every day, I tried on a different combo of these skins and accessories. Some combos intrigued me, others bored me. Some made me happy, others I wasn’t so sure about. In some very rare cases, I became enlightened, growing wings and a third eye.

This NFT collection is my photo album. Every day, I snapped a shot of what I was wearing and how it made me feel. Now, I’m sharing my album so you can step into other people’s clothes and skin. That’s what this community is about. Oh, I also like memes. Memes are my favorite.

The Roadmap

When 25% of the pig pen has been filled, we will run a community poll on discord to decide on a non-profit to donate.

When 50% of the Kosher Pigs have found proud pig parents, exclusive Kosher Pig merch will be given to holders. In addition, a Kosher Pig online store will appear!

At 75% pig pen capacity, the Kosher Pig DAO will be created! Each pig represents one vote.

When there at 1234 Kosher Pigs in the pig pen, we will party! Then, we will decide on Kosher Pig’s next adventure as a DAO. This may include another NFT Collection or a Pig Pen in the Metaverse. It is up to the community!


Here are the accessories I found along my journey.


Pig Pen Advisor

The Pig Father

Kosher Dev

Chief Pig Advisor


I love making new friends in the metaverse, collaborating with amazing creatives!

A beautiful portrait of me by AoiKotori7. I’m so cute aren’t I?

Nates Toy Box made me into one of his famous NateORoids! 

Here I am as a Fwog Fwend, thanks to The Prickly Greek Fwogs

Public mint

Kosher Pigs are 23 MATIC on the Polygon Network, free of gas OR you can OINK @ ME and I will mint your pig and send him to your wallet for $50.

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